Menopause a taboo subject not only in many homes but also in the work place. This subject for employers and employees is an issue that affects a large propotion of the workplace.

Many women are even unaware of what the menopause may be or how it may affect them, such as the early years of the ‘change’,

    • heavy periods;
    • feeling lethargic;
    • loss of energy;
    • panic attacks;
    • loss of confidence;
    • loss of libido;
    • relationships with Partner and other family members;
    • being treated by General Practitioners for mental health issues;
    • loss of sleep to name but a few of the possible signs and symptoms they may suffer.

This course is a must for:

      • Managers at all levels
      • Females who themselves have very little or no knowledge of how their bodies will change
      • All other staff to ensure they understand the changes in their colleagues
      • Family members



This course is aimed at raising awareness for Managers and Employees of the menopause. It is lead by a man who has a sympathetic and empathetic attitude towards this delicate subject and women and men can be assured the training will be given in such a manner, also occompanied by a female who has undergone a difficult menopause :


      • Discuss the menopause
      • Identify signs and symptoms suffered by women in the menopause
      • Discuss how the menopause may affect your business and retain staff
      • Identify what simple work based changes can be made to ensure ‘sufferers’ are enabled to remain in work
      • Discuss how the menopause may affect your fellow employees relationships
      • Recognise that the menopause will affect staff in different ways
      • Discuss treatment that is offered

This course is up to 6 hours £450.00 for up to 12 delegates and an additional £20 per additional delegate

Special rates available for smaller groups

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