FIRST AID QUIZ Questions and answers

Q 1 There is no need to give rescue breaths any more when giving CPR


Ans= False, however, the resuscitation council state if ‘unable’ or ‘unwilling’ to give rescue breaths it is better to give hands only CPR

Q 2 If not trained to give child CPR you should not attempt it

Ans=False, if not specifically trained to give child CPR use the adult method

Q 3 If you hear gasping or similar noise you do not give CPR

Ans=False, any noise that is NOT normal breathing is to be treated as if the casualty needs CPR

Q 4 It is better to leave someone on their back when unconcious if they appear to have broken bones

Ans=False, there is a danger that the casualty will choke as a result of the tongue or other object or fluid blocking the airway. If the casualties breathing slows down they are also at risk of cardiac arrest as their blood pressure drops

Q 5 On line CPR training is acceptetable to the HSE as a form of training

Ans=False, the HSE does not accept online CPR training

Q 6 There is no danger of causing serious harm if you give CPR to a person who does not need it

Ans= True, it is better to give CPR to someone who does not need it than risk not giving it to someone who does

Q 7 If alone with an adult who needs CPR and I have to leave them to get help. Try CPR first for a while to see if it works before going to get the help

Ans= False, leave the casualty, get help, then return and give CPR

Q 8 An ambulance will not be with you in time to perform CPR with a good chance of recovery if no one at the scene knows how to and is not doing CPR

Ans= True, The response time for an ambulance to arrive is 8 minute, there is a good chance that irreparable brain damage or death is caused within 3-5 minutes. Therefore it is better to be performing some form of CPR to improve the chances of recovery

Q 9 Only Red Cross and St John can deliver First Aid training for the work place, nurseries and schools

Ans= False, The Voluntary Aid Services; and private companies that are authorised to deliver Ofqual Level 2 /Level 3 First Aid Training are acceptable and authorised to provide first aid training. Other companies that may have been HSE approved must prove ‘due dilegence’ to have their certificates approved as acceptable by the HSE. It is for the customer to ask the appropriate ‘due dilegence’ questions to ensure the company they use issues acceptable certificates. If in doubt contact the HSE for advise

Q 10 What are the 4 links in the ‘Chain of Survival’

1 Call immediately for help 2 Early CPR 3 Early defibrillation 4 Early advanced care

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